Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Untuk kesekian kalinya.

For those who knew me, I've few blogs before this one was born. Long story short, everyone has their own problem. For me, drama is like the background music of my everyday life. But, I'll try enjoying every moments to the fullest cause we never knew when we'll be gone. And every living creatures will die eventually.
(Read: Al-Quran, Surah Al-Ankabut 29: 57)

Talking about death reminded me of my beloved opah (grandma).

Al-Fatihah to my dearest opah, Hajah Azizah bt. Hussin who had passed away on 20th of September 2012, Thursday night (malam jumaat) . I was and still feel discontent for not being able to "mandikan jenazah" opah on that day. I was really really closed to her. Nevertheless, she did looked as if she was sleeping and I knew she's going in peace. May Allah protect her and bless her forever. And may aki be strong on losing the soulmate of his life. :'(

my aki and opah (grandpa and grandma) 
being all romantic at bazaar Ramadhan in Pasir Putih, Kelantan.

N.B : She died of stroke, exactly the subject I'm learning right now in medical school. 

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